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Majestic Bird’s Nest are carefully harvested from private nesting houses, located in pristine areas within Indonesia where the air and water is purest. This creates the perfect environment for the swiftlets to produce bird’s nest with high levels of sialic acid and amino acids.

Ancient Traditions for Modern Beauty

Help Sustain Bird Nests

 In buying edible bird’s nest from Majestic Nest you are making a choice to end unethical wild nest harvesting and supporting a sustainable future for both the birds and the environment.

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Australian Quarantine Import Approved

Australia has been revered to have one of the strictest border’s policy in the world.

Through adherence to high sterilization & manufacturing standards set forth by the Australian Government, Majestic Nest has been granted an import permit by Quarantine Department (AQIS) to legally import the product into Australia. Shop with peace of mind.

Did you know

That edible bird's nest are among the most expensive foods on the planet? Made from the saliva of naturally cave-dwelling birds called swiftlets, the nests are laborious to harvest, strenuous to prepare and in accordance to Ancient & Modern Chinese Literature to have a long list of health benefits.