About Us

Majestic Bird’s Nest is prepared with the finest quality of ingredients harvested sustainably from the Islands of Indonesia. Each bird’s nest is handpicked with care, manufactured under strict industry standards and imported into Australia with an AQIS (Quarantine) approved permit. The preparation process sterilised the product entirely by heat and pure clean water, no chemical cleaning agent, flavouring, or colouring is added.


How is Bird's Nest Made? 燕窝制作过程(漫画版)


Bird's Nest House Harvesting Process 燕窝采集过程


Bird's Nest Cleaning Process 燕窝清洗过程

History of Edible Bird's Nest 燕窝历史

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Swiflet birds that create Majestic are a precious gift that deserve our respect and protection. In buying edible bird’s nest (EBN) from Majestic you are making a choice to end unethical wild nest harvesting and supporting a sustainable future for both the birds and the environment. You also ensure that workers who farm, clean and produce EBN have fair working conditions and a workplace that meets international standards for safety and hygiene.